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Marine Supplies

Everything your project needs

Marine engines, diesel, hybrid and electrical propulsion, generators, pumps, blowers, desalinators, main switchboards and everything else that goes into the engine room.

Windlasses, capstans, cranes, gangways, swimming platforms, hydraulic systems and any other deck equipment your project needs.

Get the latest technology in the best navigation, communication and monitoring equipment with fast delivery, professional installation and after-sales upgrades and support.

We provide next-level audio and visual equipment. Amazing picture with crystal sound for an immersive experience onboard.

Enjoy the sea without the roll. We provide you with zero-speed and gyro stabilizers with professional installation and technical support.

The perfect temperature for the maximum comfort. Achieve the best temperature even in extreme heat or cold environments.

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A Long History of Marine Projects

Our history is filled with sea, salt and deep experience in marine design, shipbuilding and management.